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When your air conditioner gives out in the middle of the Florida summer heat, you don't have to wait for comfort! We're available 7 days a week to give fast, affordable relief providing fast, reliable Air Conditioning Service to all of Fort Myers and Southwest Florida. More About Us...
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Don't be a victim to the health effects of indoor air pollutants. Get the proper filters and ventilation systems from Wayne Martin & Son Signature Air Conditioning Service. To learn more about all of our Air Conditioning Services offered...Go To All A/C Services...

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Don't walk into a hot home during the summer because your air conditioning system no longer works. When this happens, we have the right a/c solution for your needs.

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Best A/C Settings For Seasonal Residents

Best A/C Settings For Seasonal Residents

Best A/C Settings For Manual Thermostats FP&L recommends the best AC settings on your system is 80 degrees for detached homes and townhouses and 77 degrees for condos and apartments. These measures control the relative humidity (RH) in your vacant home by providing dehumidification to help prevent mold growth. For Programmable Thermostats A programmable thermostat …
Benefits of UV Air Purification

Benefits of UV Air Purification

What Is The Importance of UV Light Air Purification Products? With over 90% of people's time spent indoors and little or no ventilation, concentrations of microorganisms, mold and dust will increase causing a poor air quality that is being breathed in continuously. With a larger number of death cases being caused by various bacteria and …
Why A/C Annual Maintenance?

Why A/C Annual Maintenance?

AC Annual Maintenance Recommendations Regular AC Annual Maintenance is recommended to keep your air conditioner at it's optimal performance. Florida residents and business owners use their A/C almost twelve months out of the year. In that period of time; dirt, debris, insects, animals and many other things can accumulate in your A/C unit and eventually …


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